prelude to the solstice, dance I

Prelude to the Solstice
Dance I
Tuesday, December 16, 8:30 pm
Found text:
“The lodestone loves iron, and iron loves the lodestone so passionately that the lodestone hungers for the iron and seeks to attract it with all its strength, while the iron, in turn, acts toward it as if it were alive, leaps up to meet it and clings to it.”
Lazarus Ercker, Treatise on Ores and Assaying, 1574
Quoted in Pamela H. Smith, The Body of the Artisan, 2004, p.115

prelude dance I

prelude dance I

a 2 minute dance in the living room.

recorded by digital video.

alice-the-cat participated.

~ by nmyers on December 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “prelude to the solstice, dance I”

  1. Where’s the video?? AWESOME! I’m having a glass of wine and thinking of you…I video’d one too :)

  2. We all want to see the dance!!

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