dance #2

Raw Fish and Unfiltered Saki

In response to text sent from Debra Bluth:

“I realized that it was egotistical to think that we’re above killing.  We take life with practically every breath, each time we eat or drive a car.  Our life is death.”
Paul Rezendes, The Wild Within

(Reveling in the gustatory delight of the best meal I’ve ever eaten. Transforming the fleshy bodies of fish into my own.)

raw fish and unfiltered saki

raw fish and unfiltered saki

10:48 pm

A two minute dance in the study.

Recorded with digital video.

Cold winter night, overcast skies, -9 degrees celcius

Frost in my nostrils.

Alice-the-cat oddly quiet.

~ by nmyers on December 22, 2008.

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  1. we raise life to a higher high

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