dance #11

Transduction #2, On Reverie


“In the heart of matter there grows an obscure vegetation; in the night of matter black flowers blossom. They already have their velvet and the formula of their scent.”


“To speak immediately in philosophical terms, one might distinguish two imaginations: that which gives life to the formal cause, and that which gives life to the material cause—or, more concisely, formal imagination and material imagination … A sentimental cause, a cause from the heart, must become formal before it can assume verbal variety, before it can become as changeable as light in its many colourations. But in addition to the images of form so often used by psychologists of the imagination, there are –-as I shall show—images of matter, direct images of matter. Vision names them, but the hand knows them. A dynamic joy touches them, kneads them, makes them lighter. One dreams these images of matter substantially, intimately, rejecting forms—perishable forms—and vain images, and the becoming of surfaces. They have weight, they are a heart.”

Gaston Bachelard, On Poetic Imagination and Reverie, p. 10-11.

dance #11

3 minute dance in the study on the eve of the New Year. Searching for a gesture. Eyes closed. Sensing torsion, and rotation. Inward spirals.

Noon on a gorgeous sunny day. Cold and clear, -11 degrees Celsius.

Alice asleep by the radiator in the other room.

~ by nmyers on December 31, 2008.

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