dance #14

Transduction #2

On the “passional fragrances” emitted in discourse


“In discourse, passions appear as conveyers of specific meaning effects; it is as though an indeterminate emanation, difficult to ascertain, were emitted. The interpretation retained by semiotics is that this specific fragrance emanates from the discursive organization of the modal structures. Shifting from one metaphor to another, we could say that a meaning effect derives from a certain molecular arrangement. Since it is the property of no specific molecule it arises from their overall organization…Although semiotics initially concentrated on clarifying the role played by molecular modal articulations, it should now focus on the passional fragrances produced by their array.”

A.J. Greimas and J. Fontanille, The Semiotics of Passions, p. 1-2.

dance #14, passional fragrances

dance #14, passional fragrances

A 3 minute dance in the study. Feeling the gesture of “passional fragrances” as a buoyant lift through my body.

11:45 on a gorgeous sunny day, -5 degrees Celsius.

Alice crying for attention while I gather materials for the dance. During the dance she leaves and curls up by radiator in the other room.

~ by nmyers on January 3, 2009.

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