dance #19

Dances with Deleuze

On the movement-image

“… ‘Photography, if there is photography, is already snapped, already shot, in the very interior of things and for all the points of space…’”

“This breaks with the whole philosophical tradition which placed light on the side of spirit and made consciousness a beam of light which drew things out of their native darkness…For Bergson…[t]hings are luminous by themselves without anything illuminating them: all consciousness is something, it is indistinguishable from the thing, that is from the image of light….In short, it is not consciousness which is light, it is the set of images, or the light which is consciousness, immanent to matter. As for our consciousness of fact, it will merely be the opacity without which light ‘is always propagated without its source ever having been revealed.’”

Deleuze, Cinema 1, Ch. 4 “The movement-image and its three varieties: Second commentary on Bergson” p. 60.

dance #19

dance #19

Reading Deleuze while dancing. Then put the book down and did a 5 minute dance in the study, to Mike Vargas’s “Fog”. Movement with precise articulations. Sensing facets, reflections and diffractions. Video recorded.

Alice rubbing her cheeks up against the sketchbook and chewing on the pencil while I draw. Cold, cold night. -6 degrees Celsius and falling. From 8 to 9 p.m. Moon high and bright.

~ by nmyers on January 8, 2009.

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