dance #27

Transducing Electricity Biologically: Toronto Blackout, 2009

“Engineers are becoming increasingly intrigued by the fact that these [biological] transducers exhibit fantastic sensitivities. One can recognize a change of electrical field of 3/1000ths of a microvolt per millimeter in water; another has an infrared sensing device that recognizes temperature changes of 1/1000th of a degree centrigrade at the surface of the sensing organ. The B-17 airplane, developed in 1940, had some 2,000 electronic parts, but the present B-58 has 97,000 electronic elements. Functionally this is beginning to simulate the complexity of these living transducers.”

R. Cannan, H. Steinbach, R. Jordan, and W.O. Baker. 1962. “Engineering and
the Life Sciences.” A presentation of papers at the National Academy of

dance #27

A one minute dance in the study. Conjuring electricity biologically for those without power. Feeling electfified. Enlivened. Warm. 11:10 p.m. on an amazingly cold night. -17 degrees Celsius and falling. Alice warm and wanting attention.

~ by nmyers on January 16, 2009.

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