dance #37, soundings


On assignment from Debra: Breathe in and produce any kind of sound on the outbreath. Repeat for three minutes.

dance #37

dance #37

3:56 p.m. A 3 minute sounding meditation followed by an intense 2 minute dance in the study.

Inbreath. Outbreath. Releasing sound. Deep, resonating, hollow sounds. Unfamiliar sounds. Long curiving sounds followed by short, sharp sounds. Sounding while swerving. Sounding in movement, sounding out in the round. Arms lifting with sound. Releasing.  My chest collapsing on the exhale. Feeling a chill rise in my nostrils with my inbreath. Soundings stilled. Listening to the new cavities carved by sound. Stired into movement. Large movements. Voicings. Wide lunges. Reaching down and pulling energy up across the arc of my front body. Curving bones. Lunging. Turning. Deep rooting through soles. Slowed to quiet. Quivering. Catching my breath.

Alice is agitated by my voice. She cries in the gaps between soundings. A gorgeous sunny day, -6 degrees Celsius.

~ by nmyers on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “dance #37, soundings”

  1. gorgeous. wish i was there.

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