#47, dance marathon

Dance Marathon


Fresh Ground New Works, Harbourfront, The Power Plant


dance #47

dance #47

A 4 hour dance marathon hosted by Bluemouth Inc at the Power Plant at Harbourfront in Toronto. Hands down the best performance I’ve ever witnessed/participated in. Marathon dancers were eliminated one by one or two by two. I was #30, tragically eliminated at one of the last rounds. Danced my ass off. Bare foot. Getting down with friends on the dance floor. Poetry, performance, music, movement. An intricately choreographed event for participants to experience a dance marathon. The energy was electric. The messages just arresting. Powerful. Potent. My mouth was agape at the final performance, when the Mistress of Ceremonies delivered a 10 minute poem/story about the rain, women, love, the weight of stones and wolves. She set my heart aflame. I still remember #25 whose blindfolded solo just caught me. Still reeling.

Home now, my body aches, exhausted. Alice is crying in the hall as I draw in the study. It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny. The moon is high and bright. -6 degrees Celsius.

~ by nmyers on February 7, 2009.

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