dance #49, spider

Metamorphosis I: Spider

Found thin, faint cobwebs criss-crossing a neglected area of my desk. I remembered all the spiders who have been visiting me lately. Spiders are my companion animals.



11:30 p.m. A 5 minute metamorphosis in my study. Becoming spider. Darkness. Spinning. Pelvis sinks, curves. Legs long. Limbs heavy, dense. Downward force. Arms unfurling. Body weighted. Sinking, curling, unfurling. Carving the thick space around me. Crafting webs.

A gorgeous sunny day (which I admired only from my desk, reading and preparing lectures since 7:30 a.m.) The full moon is high and bright. The night is cool and the city is evaporating. Zero degrees Celsuius. Alice was ill earlier. She’s better now, quiet and resting.

~ by nmyers on February 8, 2009.

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