dance #52, radiation


On reading Life Exposed by Adriana Petryna


radioactive emission of alpha particles from radium


10:25 p.m. A 5 minute transduction in the study. Re-membering the stories of radiation and radioactive contamination told in Petryna’s Life Exposed. I search for images of radioactivity through google. I find the above image among a range of images. I find it arresting. Moving. I begin the dance by gathering energies inward. Generating an energized core. Brimming until the point of radiation. Radiating from my front body and back body. Through arms and legs. Punching outward. The violence of explosion into space. But this atom does not just radiate out into space. It expands into space-flesh-dream-time. Living bodies are radiated. Shot through with violent energy at the atomic scale.

It was a warm, wet day. It’s pouring rain now. 8 degrees Celsius. Alice is downstairs. I’m feeling much better after a fluish day at home reading on the couch.

~ by nmyers on February 11, 2009.

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