dance #58, helium body

Helium Body

On assignment from Debra: Begin in stillness with a meditation where you don’t have any bones or muscles or organs. Fill yourself with helium energy. Where does that energy take you?


9:30 p.m. A 10 minute resonance in the dark in the study. Sitting first with Alice in my lap to calm my mind from the rush of the day. Then standing. Alice leaves, with a few dejected meows. Body fills with Helium. Expansive. Buoyant. Light. Body organs evacuate. Vacuum fills with buoyancies. Intensities travel. From core upwards. Arms floating. Heart floating. Breath filled. I feel the Helium in my upper body easily. It’s hard to fill my legs. They seem resolved to hold on to their muscles and sinews and tissues. The lightness seeps upward. I am a Body without Organs.

Sunny day, cool, crisp night. Alice quiet downstairs. -1 degree Celsius.

~ by nmyers on February 17, 2009.

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