dance #62, animations


dance-62-animationsWatching Youtube videos generating different forms of animation. Both are music videos. One is of a woman dreaming in bed, and a reenactment of her daily life is animated through stop motion film techniques. Her body is a puppet, a sleeping rag- doll being danced into time, a kind of sleepwalking dance. Another is a music video featuring the four band members of OK Go choreographed on treadmills, little machines for translating movement across the screen, adding a new dimension of animation to the performance.  These forms of animation generate new methods of  setting bodies in motion, playing time, and organizing affect. I think of it as what Marcinku likes to call a kind of rubato. Though formally defined as “robbed time”, rubato could also be conceived a kind of “rubbing” time, massaging time, or affecting time. Filling time with affect. With feeling. That is expression. Or? Such fun stuff to think with.

1:00 a.m. Watching these videos is half the dance. And then I also do a little dance laughing my ass off while watching OK Go dance in their backyard.Dancing elsewhere again. I hope alice is doing well. Big snow earlier. It’s clear now.

~ by nmyers on February 22, 2009.

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