dance #71, scribbling

Monday March 2, 2009


10:30 p.m. A 10 minute dance in the study with Miles again in the background. I dance awhile. Then look through the sketchbook at all the drawings and notes I’ve made. A little review. Thinking about the drawings. Seeing them as quite static. Realizing they are tracing not so much the energetics of movement, but mapping the space through which movement is happening. The drawings don’t evoke movement so much as the shapes of things, the structures inside which movement happens. I want to see how I can shift this. Both in the dancing and drawing. How might I get inside movement differently? How might movement be less about displacements through space, and more about arcing with time? Or? There’s something here for me to look at in Deleuze’s Cinema books, where the movement-image is different from the time-image…The drawing morphs as I just play with lines and curves. Just getting the pencil moving, being in movement as drawing. But the drawing again comes out as the curvature of objects that are still. What would a “pure” movement drawing look like?

It is freaking cold outside. Alice is in the armchair while I read and dance. I post the drawing the next day.

~ by nmyers on March 3, 2009.

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