dance #74, the movement-image

Thursday March 5, 2009

On the movement-imagedance-74-the-movement-image

“In the movement-image there are not yet bodies or rigid lines, but only lines or figures of light. Blocks of space-time are such figures. They are images in themselves. If they do not appear to anyone, that is to an eye, this is because light is not yet reflected or stopped, and passing ‘on unopposed [is] never…revealed.’ In other words, the eye is in things, in luminous images themselves. ‘Photography, if there is photography, is already snapped, already shot, in the very interior of things and for all the points of space…’”

Deleuze, Cinema 1, p. 60.

9:38 p.m. A 2 minute dance with Deleuze in the study. On the movement image. The dance explores lightness. The light-fullness of movement-images. Not yet materialized tracers. Stirrings up. Matter not yet fused. Full of light. Twitterings.

The night threatens rain. I heard a huge thunderclap earlier. 7 degrees above zero. Alice is in the armchair while I dance. She sits here with my now when I post the drawings the next day.

~ by nmyers on March 6, 2009.

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