dance #84, forces

Sunday March 15, 2009

dance-84-forcesForces (or Dances with Deleuze)

“What remains? There remain bodies, which are forces, nothing but forces. But force no longer refers to a centre, any more than it confronts a setting or obstacles. It only confronts other forces, it refers to other forces, that it affects or that affect it. Power…is this power to affect and be affected, this relation between one force and others.” Deleuze, Cinema 2, p. 139

11:00 p.m. A 2 minute dance with the floor in my study. The floor as a body-force. The two of us affecting and affected by the other. Alice paces, circling me in the dance. She is a third body-force to be reckoned with. Sounds of creaking, brushing, and thudding. The floor is affected and affecting me. My force-body is elongated, reaching, roaming. It was spring today. Beautiful, clear and bright.  The night is cooling at 3 degrees Celsius.

~ by nmyers on March 15, 2009.

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