dance #98, “isn’t that what friends are for?”

Sunday March 29, 2009

dance-98-isnt-that-what-friends-are-for“Isn’t that what friends are for?”

“I’ve been scraping little shavings off my ration of light
And I’ve formed it into a ball, and each time I pack a bit more onto it
I make a bowl of my hands and I scoop it from its secret cache
Under a loose board in the floor
And I blow across it and I send it to you
Against those moments when
The darkness blows under your door.”

10:00 p.m. A seven minute dance in my study to this Bruce Cockburn song. A dance in honour of a beautiful friend. In honour of new beginnings. A beautiful dance. A sad dance. And also a dance full of warmth and big hearts. The sun shone out from behind clouds and rain this afternoon as I learned new things about love and friendship and life. Alice sits in my lap, purring, while I post.

~ by nmyers on March 29, 2009.

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