dance #99, tulips

Monday March 30, 2009


On assignment from Debra: Dance with cut flowers.

10:30 p.m. A 3 minute dance in the dining room with some of the many tulips given to me at my birthday party. They are already dancing in the vase. I smell them, and detect their faint sweetness. The pink ones are sweeter. I stand with them and watch for a moment and then start to move. The dance twists from the core out to my hands. I make popping gestures with my hands at the extension of each exhale. The movement is upward, outward, spiraling. My feet are grounded but energy only moves upward. Alice is in the living room, where I go to photograph the drawing. It was a cold, cloudy morning. The sun broke through in the afternoon. Warming me and giving me energy.

~ by nmyers on March 30, 2009.

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