dance #107, horse chestnut

Tuesday April 7, 2009

dance-107-horse-chesnutHorse chestnut

9 p.m. A 5 minute resonance with the horse chestnut that grows across the street. I stand looking out the window of my study. The horse chesnut is perfectly framed. I’m facing the tree directly. My whole body fitting into the window frame. It is tall against the houses and sky across from me. Limbs like veins, heaving up and dropping downwards. Lilts, drops, and lifts. The limbs dark against the dimming light of the evening. Instantly I feel my own circulation system. Veins, arteries. Low down energy gets lifted up, pulling blood upwards from my toes to my heart. A homeopathic resonance. Like cures like.

This is one of my many dances today. It was a cold, wintry, snowy day. A gift of spring sprung. Alice is in the hall drinking water from her bowl while I draw and write.

~ by nmyers on April 7, 2009.

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