dance #118, sensing with serres

Saturday April 18, 2009

dance-119-sensing-with-serresSensing with Serres

10:25 p.m. A four minute dance in the study after reading a few more pages of Michel Serres, The Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies. I take a drink of water sweetened with apple juice. It pools and diffuses as it moves down inside. I place my ring on the desk, and hear it jitter and wobble, increasing frequency until it reaches stillness. I’ve been smelling propane, or some kind of fire starter for a while now. Someone’s been starting a barbeque. I start with this kind of listening and sensing. Alice cries out once from downstairs. Eyes closed, body rotating, I pick up different registers of light. Floors creaking with each shift of weight. I start a sounding dance of bare soles on vinyl floors. Creaking, sliding. Bones and floor crack together. Hands close in on themselves and I can hear the rustling of dry skin on skin and hear it through my body as vibration. The dance grows as these soundings build. Sound intra-animating with movement, exciting more movement. Alice calls out to me again as I write. It was a warm grey day with brief glimmerings of light. I’ve been reading Serres with D&G. A warping intermingling.

~ by nmyers on April 18, 2009.

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