dance #125, between worlds wet and dry

Saturday April 25, 2009

dance-125-between-worlds-wet-and-dryBetween worlds wet and dry

12:45 p.m. A four minute dance on a threshold between worlds: standing in an open doorway that steps up out onto this patio. It’s been raining since the storm came in this afternoon. The rain is steady and soft and downward and so wet. And amassing (already as I post the rain intensifies). Paying attention to the many compositions in the making here. Arms stretch out into the rain, hands facing inward, I stream upwards against the rain coming down. And then I try this: palms facing up towards the sky. Palms pelleted so softly, by tiny corpuscles of wetness. Water falling. And, this air, it’s almost fresh, a sweet finish even. I listen out for city life. Lots of gushing, and rushing, and simulteneity. So much falling water. Gently streaming, bubbling, gurbling. Wet world. I’m standing in the doorway, keeping my core on this dry perch. Getting the dynamic of that–its privilege, in particular.  Alice was here with me. She called out into the dance. It was a stunning summer-ing day. 27 degrees Celsius. A huge storm came in earlier. It’s been raining ever since.

~ by nmyers on April 26, 2009.

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