dance #132, horizons and the affective entanglements of inquiry

Saturday May 2, 2009



Horizons and the Affective Entanglements of Inquiry

9:30 p.m. A 5 minute inquiry and dance in the study. I stand next to a vase full of dead yellow tulips and explore their withered bodies. Hands, eyes and body pull close. Pelvis shifts. Leaning in. Inquiring into the textures, colours, thicknesses. How light passes through some petals. How it diffracts luminously off others. I’m pulled in towards these bodies. Curious hands testing still green flesh. Some moisture still held here. Brittle, dried parts there. I get entangled, physically, inquisitively. The dance that emerges after explores this pull of the horizon that gives these flowers a beyond. It’s the horizon that lures, the promise of more if you go further. That’s what pulls me in. Curvatures. Arms, pelvis curling, pulling inwards. Rounding, rotation. The movements build as if I am pulling an object towards me. All the while, it is me that is getting pulled, lured in. Caught. Alice wandered off earlier. It was an alternately sunny, cloudy, rainy day. A storm moved in pouring wetness down on hoards of Kensington shoppers this afternoon.

~ by nmyers on May 2, 2009.

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