dance #140, subtle forces

Sunday May 10, 2009

dance #140, subtle forcesSubtle Forces

8:30 p.m. An 8 minute sensing dance in the living room, facing west. The sky is filling with dusk. I take a dose of homeopathic Cryptomeria japonica and listen to its movements. Slow awakening. Downward pull. Realigning shoulders. Knees release. Sacrum drops. The dance is gentle but pulling and small rotations ripple through. As I draw and write I can feel another layer of excitation. Deepening and widening. This feeling is one of a gentle power. Rooting. It’s even more intense as I post. Alice is staying elsewhere while I travel for this past weekend and upcoming week. It’s good to be home, if at least briefly. When I awoke in Sudbury this morning it was cool and overcast.  The Toronto evening is clear.

~ by nmyers on May 10, 2009.

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