dance #154, bodies of water

Sunday May 24, 2009

dance #154, bodies of waterBodies of Water

“The question however arises: Do the shapes of the living organisms merely betray the character of the watery phase through which they have passed, or is it that the water itself, impressionable as it is, is subject to living, formative forces and creative ideas of which it is but the visible expression? If so, water as such would be the embodiment of a world of higher forces penetrating through it into the material world and using it to form the living organisms. This is a fundamental question which we shall consider later on; it will in part be answered as we proceed.” (Theodor Schwenk, Sensitive Chaos, 1962: 21)

10:30 p.m. A 5 minute slow dance in the study. Moving with Sensitive Chaos. Riding the waves that come with moving through bodies as watery milieu. I’m struck by this idea that water infuses and informs the materiality of living, growing, transforming bodies, and at the same time that these materialities in turn might create new possibilities for water. Formation with flow. The impressionability of water as the impressionability of tissues. The dance is slow and moves through a viscous media. Undulations. Unfoldings. Slow turnings. Gentle curvings. Alice wanders and howls at the night. It was a hot and bright day. I ran again, this time through Mount Pleasant Cemetary where I got to visit an old oak I used to know.

~ by nmyers on May 24, 2009.

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