dance #170, ordinary affects take II: exhaustion

Tuesday June 9, 2009

Ordinary Affects, Take II: Exhaustion

dance #170, ordinary affects take II, deep exhaustion10:35 p.m. A 3 minute standing meditation in the study after injesting a dose of homeopathic rescue remedy. Jaw slackens. Body slumps. A lightness picks up my limbs, trunk, and head. Each moves into their own spiral. Rotations. Head and neck ease to the right. No resistance. Gentle revolutions of limbs and torso. Body loosing its gravitational centre. My meandering core perches precariously. It’s time to lay down. I’m so tired. Alice wanders and chats then finds her perch on the chair while I draw. The day was cold and cloudy with hints of warming sun. Drawing posted the following morning.

~ by nmyers on June 10, 2009.

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