dance #171, cuprum metallicum and juniperus sabina

Wednesday June 10, 2009

Cuprum Metallicum and Juniperus sabina

dance #171, cuprum and juniperus sabina7:30 p.m. Dancing at the Wednesday Jam after injesting homeopathic Cuprum Metallicum and Juniperus sabina. I feel loopy and loose. Body slackened to the point of no return. A dance with Gayle is rhythmic. Loose limbs thrown. Bodies tossed. Almost violent. Moments of pause. Weight sinking. Hips into hips. Bodies rolling off bodies. Catch and release. So sensual.  “Like an epic journey,” she told me after the dance. I slump in the corner afterwards and can’t dance anymore I’m so exhausted.  Alice needs attention when I’m home drawing. Sun shone through sometimes thin, sometimes billowing clouds today. Drawing posted the following morning.

~ by nmyers on June 11, 2009.

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