dance #176, prelude to the solstice II: slumbering on the ocean floor

Monday June 15, 2009

dance #176, prelude II slumbering on the ocean floorPrelude to the Solstice II: Slumbering on the ocean floor

10:00 p.m. Church bells chime 10 times. City sounds fill the study. I begin a 15 minute moving meditation in the study. Inquiring. Caught in a deep slumber. Deep energy coursing. Movements lifting and opening. Hands pulsing and heavy. Weighty with coursing blood. Turning hands and wrists opens heart and throat. Slowness. Wafting like seaweed rising from the ocean floor. Alice is with me while I draw, sitting on the sketch book and chewing pencils. Tender kisses on my arms. The day was full of sun. I went running and felt alive.

~ by nmyers on June 15, 2009.

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