dance #193, nasturtium

Wednesday July 1, 2009

dance #193, nasturtiumNasturtium

7:30 p.m. Eating nasturtium flowers with Leanna on the patio. The flowers adorn a salad made with lettuce and herbs grown in my garden. The flower I eat is deep red. Delicate. Its frills tickle my throat. The tastes are complex, changing. The rising flavors dance. I am anticipating the familiar peppery taste I associate with the leaves of this plant. But the range of tastes I experience produce a swerving sensation. Layers of flavour emerge. Subtle. Almost indistinct. But then there’s a sweetness, like nectar. The pepperiness rises up as an afterthought.  Our bodies are excitable tissues rising with a delight that registers as wide-eyed surprise. We are flower eaters.

Alice got lots of good energy tonight and is calm when I draw in the late evening. The clouds were on the move today, pausing to contemplate releasing their bounty. But they held back. I post the drawing the next morning.

~ by nmyers on July 2, 2009.

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