dance #202, untitled corner

Friday July 10, 2009

dance #202, untitled cornerUntitled Corner

12:30 p.m. A dance performance at One Chase Manhattan Plaza in the middle of the Financial District in Manhattan.  Untitled Corner might be one of the most beautiful outdoor choreographies I’ve ever seen. Two dancers, a woman and a man perform in front of a large white box under the canopy of towers and streaming sunlight. The dancers faces are pictures of calmness as they move through gestures that collect up their bodies in almost architectural entanglements. A narrative of love and loss and pain weaves through, but their expressions never waver.  Their centres dissolve and regather, their bodies hanging limply, almost like puppets who have never quite been fully animated by their puppeteer.  A sculptor begins to dismantle the white box pushing through the structure to release large organic cut out forms that leave beautifully crafted sites of explosion. The dancers climb in and out of these orifices. Stunning. It was a splendid day in the city with Shawn. Hot and sunny. Perfect for a picnic on Governors Island, a trip to the Met to see the new Francis Bacon exhibition, and a funny french film about unrequited love projected through a night lit by fireflies in Tomkins Square Park.

~ by nmyers on July 11, 2009.

One Response to “dance #202, untitled corner”

  1. Wow, you certainly found your “a dance a day”. New York the best, thanks for sharing. By the way I love your header image.

    I found your site on

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