dance #206, dancing on the brooklyn bridge

dance #206, brooklyn bridgeTuesday July 14, 2009

Dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge

6:30 p.m. The light was magic as we walked across the bridge. We stop halfway, and a friend reads a poem about the Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman. I would have danced as she read if I had been less shy among all the people gathered seeking new views on this city. The poem was magic, casting a spell over us. My dance came later as we walked along the narrowing path. The dance participated in the forces, tethered to the cables that suspend this massive curve of concrete and steel. Arms taught along spiraling coiled coils. Hands knotting around these thickened sinews that feel like muscles that extend from my own. Body suspending, hanging backward, swinging into the light.  People walk by. I keep moving with the pull of the cables and their upward sweeping forces. The day was hot and sun filled.

~ by nmyers on July 23, 2009.

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