dance #207, gestures from the heart

dance #207, gestures from the heartWednesday July 15, 2009

Gestures from the heart

9 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. On the plane from New York City to Dallas. The beautiful stranger next to me asks what I’m doing as I work on an upcoming talk. The man is named Todd Fox, an artist and surfer from Orange County. The conversation was stunning, a true gift. The mutual inspirations were multiple and unfolding. We told each other stories about our lives, our hearts, our dreams. “I am all heart” he tells me. As he speaks, the gestures that spring from his body move out from his heart. He evokes volumes with his hands and eyes. He enunciates with elastic forces in his hands. Nuanced articulations thicken the space between us. The connection is strong. “You are an intense person” he tells me. “So intense, I can’t even look you in the eye.” I learn many things from this encounter. When I draw later that night, I have finally arrived at the Upaya Zen Centre. The Lindisfarne Conference begins tomorrow. The day in New Mexico was hot and sunny and bone dry.

~ by nmyers on July 23, 2009.

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