dance #210, desert moon rising

dance #210, desert moon risesSaturday July 18, 2009

Desert moon rising

3:30 a.m. (Sunday morning).  Another night out on the gravel road above Upaya taking in the misty night. Coyotes screeching. Venus rising.  As we walk down the road the waning crescent moon lifts itself up from the horizon to greet us with its smile. I dance with the rising moon, feeling its curving form lifting, sweeping, cupping the sky.  The whole of its spherical body is visible, lit up by the brilliance of its silvered sliver. Inspired, I feel the lift in my arms and through my heart. It was another beautiful day, and chilling night. For the first time in this 365 day project, I am too tired to record the dance, I wait until the following evening to draw.

~ by nmyers on July 23, 2009.

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