dance #226, moving sidewalks

dance #226, moving sidewalksMonday August 3, 2009

Moving sidewalks

1:15 p.m. Pearson Airport, Toronto. Passengers file slowly off the plane and gather up speed as hoards of us on this large, international flight from Frankfurt move pack-like towards customs. Long tunnels. At one juncture I step on to a moving sidewalk, only to realize that there is another one to the right of me. It’s super speedy. The dance happens as people, marching top speed whiz past my already fast-moving body. Super human speeds. I feel like I’m falling backward as I’m passed by others just gathering momentum. Speeds and slownesses. Thinking of Spinoza. I’m home now and Alice is laying out in the hallway while I draw in the study. It’s been such a long journey.

~ by nmyers on August 7, 2009.

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