dance #232, storm rolling in

dance #232, storm rolling inSunday August 9, 2009

Storm rolling in

8:15 p.m. Standing at Ward’s Island Ferry Dock waiting for the ferry. Clouds are rolling in and covering over the late day sun. As I look across the lake towards the city I can see a dense storm brewing. Blackness rising. Day becomes night. Lightning flashes, firing up the skies. Green glows. Churning clouds. The dance is the brimming storm and sweeping across the water. Fear rising among those of us standing out in the open here, as we await the storms immanent arrival. We tuck ourselves into a small glass walled shelter to wait out the storm with others. When the rains finally come they pummel us, water gushing in through the opening and under the walls. Parents and their children crowd inward, fearful. A friend does magic tricks with a deck of cards to distract the kids. Lightning crashes all around us.

~ by nmyers on August 17, 2009.

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