dance #243, dances with orchids

dance #243, magenta orchidThursday August 20, 2009

Dances with orchids

10:15 p.m. A 10 minute observation and movement study of the orchid flowering in my living room. Magenta explosions pattern the petals. Enervated, forceful. And yet so still. The orchid has been in bloom with two fleshy flowers since early June. Petals sheering space. Planar. The dance is with and for this rooted plant. Moving energy with and for it. Finding a gesture that sinks into its form. Arms sink and rotate inwards. Rooting pelvis, shifting weight.

Alice is talkative. There was a massive thunderstorm this afternoon. Four tornadoes touched down in the region. Electricity. Green clouds. Bright orange sunset. This is my first attempt at drawing with my left hand.

~ by nmyers on August 22, 2009.

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