dance #246, dry, cut yarrow flowers

dance #246, dried, cut yarrow flowersSunday August 23, 2009

Dry, cut yarrow flowers

Earlier today I deadheaded the yarrow that grows on the patio (from seeds Natalie gave me). Hoping for a crop of new flowers and hoping to save the seeds for another year. At 11:00 p.m. I pick up a little yarrow bouquet. It smells like musty honey. Spent and sweet. There is also a denseness. With a space that opens up inside the scent. A 5 minute standing meditation holding the yarrow. Eyes open. Eyes closed. Sensing. What shifts? Energy grows in heart and pelvis. When I put the yarrow down there is an opening in my chest, across my back and shoulders. Some release. The drawing hitches a ride on this sensation. Alice meows. The day was cloudy and cool at times, then hot and sunny. The night is cooling and that is welcome after all this heat.

~ by nmyers on August 25, 2009.

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