dance #278, the instant is the live seed

dance #278, agua vivaThursday September 24, 2009

The instant is the live seed.

For Dorion

“Above all else, I paint painting. And above all else I write you hard writing. I want to discover how I can grasp the word with my hand. Is the word an object? And as instants pass, I take the juice from their fruit. I have to disown myself to reach the kernel and seed of life. The instant is the live seed.”

Clarice Lispector, Agua Viva (The Stream of Life), p. 6.

10:30 p.m. A single gesture in the study. Finding a gesture that resonates. Body taut at centre. Lifting up and pulling down. Strength, gravity, and lightness in an instant. Feeling the potential energy in-gathered in a seed, in-drawn in an instant, ready to burst. Alice wanders and chats. The day was sunny after cloud, and the temperature just dropped very suddenly.

~ by nmyers on September 24, 2009.

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