dance #308, clarice in the tub

dance #308, clarice in the tubSaturday October 24, 2009

Clarice in the tub

10:00 p.m. Submerged for a moment. Head and ears below the surface. I can hear D reading from Clarice Lispector’s Soul Storm. I tune in through the water. I can hear the hum of the heater resonating with the sound of his voice. Echoing. Deepening. Water sounds fuller. Surround. Water is a transducer. Tone and texture and timbre transformed. The dance is the reworking of sound in the medium of the water-filled tub. Candles flicker. Alice wanders and licks her thickening coat. Then drinks water. The day was fully Fall. Dark thunder clouds on the move. Opening up with sunshine on bright coloured trees.

~ by nmyers on November 4, 2009.

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