dance #322, sprint

dance #322, sprintSaturday November 7, 2009


10ish on a lovely Saturday morning. D and I are out for a run. I’m on my last legs as we come up along Wilcocks. I’m spent. But in a final thrust of energy I hurl my body forward and accelerate into a sprint. My body acquires lightness. Weightlessness. The sluggishness of fatigue lifts. The downward sinking weight I was feeling shifts forward. I’m lifted by the trees towering above. My eyes fixed ahead as I run towards a future moment of rest where I will land from this lightness. The day was just glorious. Bright sunshine. Big winds. Bustling life and leaves glowing and tumbling. Alice rests on the bed while I draw and write.

~ by nmyers on November 8, 2009.

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