dance #358, gestic diagram

Sunday December 13, 2009

Gestic diagram

10:00 p.m. The dance is a gestic diagram tracing a path of movement. I am trying to communicate how my manuscript is coming along. Hand held out in front of me. Fingers filagreed, palm rotating, pulling downwards into a fist. The gesture comes with sound effects. Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrummmmmmmmmp! Things seems to be congealing. There’s a force and pull downwards as all the parts start to articulate their relations to all the other parts. It’s like a gradient reduction D tells me as  I play through the gesture again and again and tell him excitedly about my progress. The day was cool and rainy. Alice is with me when I remember to draw the dance the next morning. Apparently repeating a gestic diagram over and over makes it feel as if the drawing is already done.

~ by nmyers on December 20, 2009.

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