dance #361, intra-articulation

Wednesday December 16, 2009


Around midnight. I dance in the study after writing all day. The dance is full and fast and articulate. The drawing comes out like an energy diagram. Hand set loose on paper to transduce the energy of the movements. I study the drawing after. I can put the memory of the dance back into the drawing. Rearticulating the lines through the feeling of the dance. Thinking with Barad (2007) and Prentice (2005) this feels like a kind of intra-articulation. The phenomenon generated in this intra-action between dance and drawing is the intra-animate energetic memory I am left with once both dance and drawing are done. The memory of the dance articulates what I see in the drawing as the drawing rearticulates what I remember of the dance.

~ by nmyers on December 20, 2009.

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