initial invitation

welcome to this 365 day journey.

beginning on the solistice, december 21, 2008, i will begin a new daily practice. i will craft one dance a day for 365 days.

these will be tiny dances. spanning two minutes at the most. each dance will be an improvisational conversation with a scrap of text or a found object.

i will document each dance with a simple line drawing that remembers a gesture in the dance, or the arc of movement that runs through the dance. i will post drawings, texts or images as they arise.

the dances will generate questions: what constitutes a dance? what is a beginning? a middle? or end of an dance? what are some of the many places a dance can arise from? why dance? where can dance happen?

my aim is mindfulness in movement, aliveness in creativity, and responsiveness to the world.

and i extend an invitation to you to create your own 365 day project.

other ways to participate: send me texts, ideas, or objects and i will integrate them into this practice.

5 Responses to “initial invitation”

  1. pure beauty

  2. so full of exciting possibilities

  3. natasha, is this you? So cool!

  4. Tash – once again – you have warmed my heart and inspired my spirit. You, my dear,are infinite.
    Much love, Steph Mac

  5. I just found this, and oh what a wonderful idea!

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