dance #36, rendering time

Rendering time


“Rather than pass the time, one must invite it in. To pass the time (to kill time, expel it): the gambler. Time spills from his every pore. —To store time as a battery stores energy: the flâneur. Finally, the third type: he who waits. He takes in the time and renders it up in altered form—that of expectation.”

Walter Benjamin, Arcades, in section “D/Boredom, Eternal Return” p. 107, [D3,4].

dance #36

dance #36

10:45 p.m. A three minute dance in the study. Lights out. Eyes closed. Leaning into darkness. Inbreaths marking the invitation. Indwelling into time. Infusion. Expansion and a turning towards/being towards a future. A glimmer of excitement. Lifting. Outbreaths with soundings. Sighs. Release. Inbreath generates infusion of expectation. Excitation. Desire. Leaning into possibility. Turning towards an other.

Alice resting on the back of the armchair. Ignoring me. It is a very cold night. -10 degrees Celsius and falling. A newish moon.  Overcast skies.

~ by nmyers on January 26, 2009.

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