dance #116, metaphysics begins with gymnastics

Thursday April 16, 2009

dance-116-metaphysics-and-gymnasticsMetaphysics begins with gymnastics…

“The soul inhabits a quasi-point where the I is determined…Gymnasts train their soul, so as to move or wrap themselves around it. Athletes do not have one, they run or throw; but jumpers do, and hurl themselves over the bar pole and beyond; they gently curl their bodies around the place where it projects itself forward. The difference between athletics and gymnastics, with the exception of the long jump, lies in the practice of the soul… Metaphysics begins with, and is conditioned by, gymnastics.” Michel Serres, The Five Senses, p. 21-23

10:15 p.m. A 4 minute dance in the study. Lights low. Starting slow to warm up this creaking body. I generate a ball of rotational energy at my solar plexus that I can rotate like a ball and socket joint. Below my ribs, above my ribs, new possibilities for articulation. The movement is constantly reorienting, turning, rotating. Lunging out, leaning, pulling, rolling. Wide arm swings until I’m warm. I crouch on the floor of the study to hitch a ride on the shudder of movement that directs the gesture drawing. I’m using gold pencil for the first time. I like the sheen on the page. Alice is downstairs. The buds are all coming out. Daphodils are up. It is full on spring.

~ by nmyers on April 16, 2009.

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