dance #122, fresh stinging nettles

Wednesday April 22, 2009

dance-122-fresh-stinging-nettlesFresh stinging nettles

10:40 p.m. I sip a hot infusion of fresh stinging nettles and begin a 5 minute dance in the study. The leaves are brilliant green and oozing colour into the hot water. I sip the tea to calm my jittery body, thinking I’d already danced my dances of the day. Home just now after an evening of movement with the Second Floor Collective. But the nettle dance comes anyway. It is the softest, gentlest movement. A turning. Core slowly rotates, leaving limbs behind. Limbs that catch up slowly. Gently reaching and rotating. Eyes closed. Softness everywhere. This becoming-plant follows a day of reading “Becoming Intense, Becoming Animal…” I keep following the plants. I “involve” with them. I let them pull me in their dances. I let their molecules run through me and propagate new energies. I keep sipping the tea as I write. The flavours are deepening. It is pungent with a late-rising sweetness, and a dryness that mounts in the back of my throat between sips. My anxious tissues find ease and calm. Alice rubs up against me during the dance. Pacing and calling out for love. It took me a long time to draw because she wanted to sit on the sketchbook and chew the pencils. It was another grey day with water falling sparsely from moving clouds.

~ by nmyers on April 22, 2009.

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