dance #150, wow

Wednesday May 20, 2009

dance #150, so many curves, and me with no brakesWow

7 p.m.-10 p.m. First, the jam on the 3rd floor, and later with the Second Floor Collective dancing around at Dovercourt House. Wow. What a stunning series of dances. I was celebrating my last day of teaching for the term. I biked to the jam and just danced and danced. Flying dances, slow dances, playful dances. Airy ones too. Sunlit dances. Aviva Chernick sings. Just stunning. Bodies entangled lifting, falling, leaning into one another. Rolling and stretching. Such delicious dances. Laughter peels through the space. Lifts, slides, rolls. Collisions. Gatherings up. Pulling and weaving.  Giggles. Scurrying. Waltzing and reeling. Later I joined Alo and Ana-Francisca–gathering on the  Second Floor for more dancing. Reading texts on transport architecture. Making new dances unfold together. Collecting up, creating. So wonderful. Such good souls! Cycled home. It’s a warm, clear night. The CN Tower is having a moment — popping with acid-rainbow colours streaming up and down its neck. I can also see stars. Alice is hanging out with me while I post.

~ by nmyers on May 20, 2009.

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