dance #165, articulations

Thursday June 4, 2009


dance #165, articulations10:00 p.m. A 6 minute dance in front of the mirror in my bedroom. After a 14 hour day in front of the computer going blind grading term papers and exams, I realize that my body needs to say something. So I take a break and watch to see what it needs to articulate. Body at angle to mirror. Hands twisted and flexed inwards. Fingers signalling. Jabs. Arms angular, thrusting. Breath staccato. Short pulses. Forced. Oscillating. Disjointed. Fragmented. Like the mangled essays I’ve been reading all day? I’m supposed to be performing with Nomadic Science tonight at Labspace, but I didn’t get my work done in time. I’m really missing being there. What kinds of worlds did the nomads build tonight? Alice is perched on the armchair, looming over me as I draw on the study floor. The day was full of sun. I missed most of it.

~ by nmyers on June 4, 2009.

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