dance #306, brook dances at the dog park

dance #306, brook at the dog parkThursday October 22, 2009

Brook dances at the dog park

5:30 p.m. Withrow Park. Brook finds her buddies in the dog pit. The dogs race and rumble. Twisting, lunging, leaping bodies entangled in masses of fur. Spines curving and spiraling. Bared fangs flash. Bodies with no respect for gravity reach for flying objects.  Hurtling through the air. Speeds and later slownesses. Racing bodies find pause. Intense interest subsides then mounts again. A new object generates new encounters and new kinds of play.

The light today was stunning. Grey and foggy. Fall reds and yellows generate their own light, gleaming. Burning through the moist air. Alice is with me when I draw. Calling out for attention.

~ by nmyers on October 24, 2009.

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