dance #336, yarrow flower essence

Saturday November 21, 2009

Yarrow flower essence

11:00 p.m. Body-work before bed. Creating circles and spirals with my ribcage. Front body and back body finding alignment. Widening shoulders. Releasing sternum. Dropping ribs, Lifting sides. Rotations. Cracking bones to release spine. I added a few drops of yarrow flower essence to a concoction of flower essences in water, and ingested a few drops of pure yarrow flower essence three times over the course of the day. On a night walk earlier, I could feel my entire body open, lifted. Full of ease. Alignment and verticality. Torqued body gets squared up. Alice is curled up on the tiger print blanket. The day was sunny then grey, followed by a cool night. Moist air rising.

~ by nmyers on November 22, 2009.

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