solstice dance, dissipation

Winter Solstice

Monday December 21, 2009


1:00-3:00 p.m. A cool, grey afternoon. Long walk in High Park. The landscape rich in browns and rusts and blackening rot. Squirrels busy. Paths quiet. Ice crystallizing across the pond. Later, at home, a waking dream. Body becomes liquid and runs through the soil of a forest floor. Flowing downwards. Dripping down into a deep, black subterranean pool. With each falling drop my awareness flies out across the surface. Body becomes water becoming waterfall. Expansion. Dissipation. Flow. A kind of release. This is the dance that I draw. Alice is curled up around me while I dream.

Today marks the end of adanceaday. 365 dances in 365 days. This practice has been such a joy. So challenging. So rewarding. And, so much of the learning is still to come.

~ by nmyers on December 21, 2009.

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